Searching for the ideal mother…

courtesy of flow magasine
My ideal mother is…

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I am a woman

I am not a fashionista and I don’t make heads turn when I walk on the street. When I was little people used to call me “cute” – whatever that meant. As a teenager, boys liked me and I used my “charm” to make friends and establish relationships (that didn’t serve me a great deal though, it merely served for ephemeral friendships). Continue reading

Positive beauty

Picture this: you need a new face cream and you decide to go with “magic brand” you saw in a magazine ad, that swears to make your fatigue disappear and hoping that you’ll look as flawless and happy as the protagonist of the ad. You come home, clean up your face and apply the magic potion. You check yourself out in the mirror and 10 minutes later… nothing changed. What the heck?

Now picture this: you need a new face cream and you opt for a brand that doesn’t promise to magically erase your wrinkles, but helps you develop self confidence and self indulgence.

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5 things my mom taught me

My mom is pretty (and) awesome. She’s vulnerable but distant, sweet but fierce, intelligent but airheaded (I guess they’re right when they say the bark doesn’t fall far from the tree).

When I was little, she was the ultimate expression of beauty. To my eyes, she was a princess. She smelled like powdery flowers, her hair was long while mine was always short, she wore lipstick and had awesome high heels. When I was in my teens, I’d steal her shirts and change my clothes in the school bathroom to impress my classmates with my stylish “attitude”.
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